The Rise of Sports Gambling

The popularity of sports gambling continues to increase. With five states currently legalizing sports betting, more than a billion dollars has been spent on advertising by bookmakers. Many of these ads feature athletes and teams, as well as their performances. By the end of the game, the winning selection will win the bet. However, it’s important to remember that not all bookmakers offer the same odds, so you should shop around to find the best ones.

sports gambling

The popularity of sports gambling has soared in the last decade, as evidenced by the vast illegal market. The Gallup Organization’s annual survey questioned participants about their experiences with gambling. Nearly half of respondents said they had won a state lottery, while nearly a third had visited a casino. Another 15% had played video poker or bingo for money. Yet, the percentage of people who had been involved in sports gambling was much lower. In fact, only 10% of respondents had bet on professional sports, 6% had bet on college sports, and 2% had placed a wager on a boxing match.

In the 1950s, the federal government cracked down on organized crime and drove the mobsters out of the Nevada casino industry. The casinos were eventually taken over by corporations, and the illegal bookmaking industry grew stronger. Although there are now many so-called “independent” bookies operating across the country, organized crime figures remain at the top of the sport-betting industry. Regardless of whether the Black Sox scandal is true, it is clear that sports gambling is on the rise in the U.S.