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Serve + Renew Projects


Pack-A-Snack -- March 31, 2017

Pack-A-Snack -- April 5, 2017

Pack-A-Snack -- April 28, 2017

Pack-A-Snack -- May 3, 2017

The Vision Behind Serve + Renew Projects:

Our many outreaches and service projects help us better live out our mission + vision of being a community of changed people who serve + renew others through a movement of the Gospel.

Why is serving + renewing a big part of our church's ministry? 

In short, because the Gospel aims at serving + renewing (Acts 3:19-21) and, as recipients of the Gospel, we are called serve + renew others. 

Have any ideas for service projects and outreaches? Feel free to share them with us! Send your ideas to

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