About Grace groups

Getting connected at Grace Church involves participation in both the Sunday morning Gatherings and a Grace Group. Sunday Gatherings are a time for worshipful celebration, corporate prayer, hearing the preached Word of God, imparting the vision of Grace Church, and receiving the sacrament of Communion. Grace Groups are where we build stronger relationships with one another and encourage one another to know Jesus more deeply.

Our Grace Groups run several times a year:

  * Semester #1 - February - May

  * Summer - June + July

  * Semester #2 - September - November


See a group you're interested in? Want more info?

Just email the "contact" person.

We will get you connected!

Matthew Study Group

When: Every other Monday @7pm

Where: The Huntley (Dunedin)

Contact: John Howell

Largo/Clearwater Group

When: Once a month- Sunday, Oct. 22, Nov. 12, Dec. 3.  4-6p

Where: Various Locations (Largo/Clearwater)

Contact: Angela Gleichowski

Dunedin Group

When: Every other Friday @7pm

Where: The Huntley

Contact: Jess Davis

Have questions about getting connected to a Grace Group? 

Please contact Pastor Heath.  

Want to host or start a Grace Group? 

Please contact Pastor Heath.