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financial philosophy

Our approach to our church's budget and expenditures is simple: 

  • Allocate heavily toward benevolence, outreach, ministry programming, and church planting
  • Keep our overhead and in-house costs to a minimum
  • And to avoid any kind of debt

We’re asking those who have the ability to give toward the cause of Grace Church to give boldly and regularly. If you want to talk further about making a contribution or have any questions about our budget or expenditures, please contact James Gleichowski.

Thank you for your generous support. 

Every gift helps us press on in our mission + vision.

How to give to Grace church

Here's how you can contribute:

  • You can drop your gift in one of our Grace Boxes.
  • Or you can mail your donation to:   

Grace Church | PO Box #421 | Dunedin, FL 34698

Also, if you would like to donate assets from an investment account, such as appreciated stock or mutual funds, and have questions about the tax benefits this may create, please contact James Gleichowski for more information.

Monthly Update

Monthly Operating Expenses: $8,571.89

March's Total Income (as of 3.30.18): $6,420.99

Total Monthly "General" Incomes for 2018:

January: $10,273.80

February: $8,064.21

March: $6,420.99

Total Monthly "General" Incomes for 2017:

January: $10,316.02

February: $9,657.57

March: $9,372.91

April: $11,475.99

May: $9,086.09

June: $8,368.00

July: $9,001.53

August: $7,940.67

September: $6,183.41

October: $9,815.63

November: $10,154.36

December: $13,419.00

Have any finance questions? Contact